One of the most famous yacht ports in Poland is the port of Puck. Adepts of the “Zatoka Puck” Sports Club functioning there are world-class competitors. Time and again in Puck there are regattas, which are attended by competitors from all over Poland and abroad. There is a class of sailing boats “Puck” designed by Franciszek Lewiński. Its purpose is training and tourism on inland and sea internal waters. It is ideally suited to the conditions prevailing on the Bay of Puck. It has a very small heel, is well balanced and has the ability to adjust the sword’s immersion, which is important at such shallow water. It is spacious and comfortable. It has a security card for 5 people. It is unsinkable, and relatively light (suitable for transport by car). There are also Puck class boat regattas organized on the bay. The owner of copyright for the boat is the Scouts Maritime Center in Puck. The resort organizes sailing training, as well as leisure and tourist camps with elements of sailing.